Web Development

The backbone of today’s Clixie sites is the company’s continuous excellence of the many aspects of website development.  Teams specialize in the three areas of website design, HTML, and PHP, working together to produce what eventually becomes a superior e-commerce website.

Website Design
The ultimate goal of excellent web design is to provide the best User Experience (UE) to Clixie shoppers.  In other words, using industry best practices to clearly and efficiently communicate with our visitors and enhance their overall navigation experience. User-centered design entails Graphic User Interface (GUI) best practices and is applied to ensure quality in multiple browsers and accessibility as per W3C standards.

Clixie’s HTML specialists are at the cutting edge of today’s HTML5 and CSS3 best practices, which define a web document’s structure and how it should be interpreted by browsers.  Coders work with an internally designed framework to build the most efficient markups possible, practicing in accordance with WC3 WAI ARIA specifications and with a thorough understanding of layouts, updated tags and more. HTML5 fluency also means that Clixie sites are constantly being optimized for mobile devices and overall validation for the best UE possible.

The third and final leg of our web development process is PHP, the universally powerful, open-source programming and scripting language.  This cross-platform tool is an integral part of overall Clixie website development.  In-house PHP developers adhere to best practices and are fluent in today’s MVC frameworks, Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and other industry standards to ensure multi-platform precision in various operating systems.

Clixie is always looking for motivated talent to join our family.  For information about open positions with the Clixie family, please click here.